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We are transvision vamp

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updateDec.24th. 2003.

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  1. I want your love - video version now online
  2. Sister moon - video version now online
  3. Revolution baby- video version now online
  4. I just wanna B with U - Live & kicking show
  5. and now others - see link below
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"From easy Rider to Star wars,
From Che Guevara to Laurie Anderson,
From Light Shows to Videos,
From LSD to MTV,
From Back Pack to pac-Man,
From the now generation to Hi-Tech,
From 2001 to We're No.1,
From Oh Wow to the Transvision Vamp,
Motivation for the Spacin' generation"
- Trash City. 1988.

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Top of the pops

I want your love

Tatler Magazine.

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