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We are transvision vamp

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updateJune 7th. 2001.

Wendy James, was always a controversial figure, she slagged off other female pop stars and her controversial views were gleefully pounced upon by the press. I always found it intensly annoying that her views were constantly analised.

She also has her serious side however,

"If I said something four years ago that I contradict now, then people should be glad I'm re-examining it."

The outfits she wore were pretty revealing in the early days, Wendy was never ashamed to show that she was a woman, she later adopted more formal men's suits.

"I'm just a young woman who is proud to be a woman, and for other women to hate me for it is just sad"

Having fun in "I want your love"
The hint of a smile was rarely far away from Wendy's lips.

"I just want your love and all of your attention!"

*"Weny has this thing about fame. At one point during an interview she pales at the thought of never being on 'Top of the Pops' again."

Sister, sister, sister Moon.

"But every new moment that's a brand new start, when you got the nature down deep in your heart"

Spooky pic? Wendy during the shoot for the video.
A brand new start would be great, but alas looks like it will never happen.

* taken from 'Select' magazine interview.

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