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Grandpa saw a UFO.


Grandpa saw a UFO,
all silver and grey an' boy did it glow.
It happened one day on the farm,
I tell you son, this ain't no yarn!


Granny says he's just a fool,
and he 'aint seen no UFO.
(Repeat Hold on fool.)

He swears to this day he is right
But Granny says that he were tight;
"Couldn't even stand that night"

Grandpa just turned 93.
"Hey there boy" he said to me,
"Twas on a dark night much like this,
I saw a glow come from the mist,
It hovered there then began to sway.
the lights winked at me and it went away."


I walked alone on the farm one day,
I guess you know what I'm gonna say:
Grandpa, his mind weren't right,
and he's darned near lost his eyesight,
but he saw a UFO that day and it winked at him then it flew away!


Composed by Marc Duggan.

Marc Duggan.1996.

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