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Welcome to Country Vibes

If you were expecting to see'The Vibe supplemental' Then click here. All the Cyndi lauper info previously held here can now be accessed via the 'features' heading from the menu you will find on 'The Vibe!'

My Tripod site is now dedicated to country music.

Matraca Berg was once quoted to say:

"Actually, I really don't think I could write that way, . I have tried to be more commercial as far as subject matter or song structure, but I don't know how to do that. The 'linear' doesn't work for me, I guess. I can't think that straight, and I've never done anything the easy way. .....Mom used to say that I'd go through a horse's ass to get to its mouth,"

It's words like these that make me love country music

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This page created March 15th 2000.